Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Install OTA Themes Blackberry Curve 8520

This tutorial to install themes via OTA files :

  1. Download File ZIP to your PC.
  2. Extract ZIP File Folder to your PC using WinRar.
  3. Connect your Blackberry to PC with file transfer.
  4. Copy Folder(All Files) to MediaCard Ex: Card/Blackberry/MyThemes.
  5. Unplug your Blackberry.
  6. Open Folder Card/Blackberry/MyThemes from blackberry using Files Application or FileScout.
  7. Choose .jad (ex:com_plazmic_theme_After_Raindrops.jad) for install, Choose Download button.
  8. Enjoy it!! :)

You Can delete Folder installation from your mediacard after install finish.


  1. Download File ZIP to your Mediacard.
  2. Extract ZIP using FileScout Application.
  3. Open Extract Folder.
  4. Choose .jad for install, Choose Download button.
  5. Enjoy it!! :)

Please leave comments for other types of blackberry, or email to curve8520themes@yahoo.com.
twitter = @curve8520themes
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Anonymous said...


Ermiyas Kasahun said...

It does not work for me using the first method. It says 'download failed'. Please help

Ismu Jayeng said...

in one folder should contains the files .cod and .jad

Anonymous said...

it does not apply on my phone. disable to display file

Ismu Jayeng said...

read carefully and do that step by step. it should be able to be downloaded on your phone, because me also use this method to install a theme on my phone ..